What's on the Radar of Young Artists?

Study by Will Pierce, Maryland Institute, College of Art.

I'm always eager to see what young artists are painting or drawing—what's capturing the attention of college art students and occupying their creativity. It is a way to discover how the next generation of painters, draftsmen, and sculptors are thinking about the world in the context of their work. Seeking out these fresh talents also gives us the opportunity to support them and bolster their commitment to fine art, which isn't always easy to maintain when pitted against the necessities and stresses of everyday life. 

The art-minded peeps at Chroma, Inc.—makers of Archival Oils, Atelier Interactive Professional Artist Acrylics, and A>2 Student Acrylics—are of the same mindset. They just announced the winners of their International Student Art Contest, and I was excited to hear that 270 students worldwide submitted their work for review. The winners received substantial prizes, which (as we all know) can be a boon when you are an artist honing your craft.

Join me in congratulating the winners and participants—well done!

Eyes of the Dark Interior by Kirsten Low,
University of New South Wales, Australia.
Autopsy by Alexander Carletti,
Adelaide Central School of Art, Australia.


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