What Does This Painting Photo Say to You? Give It a Caption & Win!!

As you know I love, love, love the New Yorker's back page illustration challenge–where they give you an pen and ink drawing and you write in with a caption that you think goes with the image. Some are funny, some are curious, some are just plain silly, but it just goes to show the power images have to spark our imaginations.

Well, we can't let the New Yorker have all the fun! Here's an artsy image that is sure to spark your imagination. Leave a comment with your caption below by Sunday, September 23rd, 11.59 PM, and you could be randomly selected to win an Artist Daily bundle prize.

Put a caption to this artsy photo and win a prize from Artist Daily.

If you have any questions, consult the Artist Daily Contest rules page.

Can't wait to see your captions!

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258 thoughts on “What Does This Painting Photo Say to You? Give It a Caption & Win!!

  1. They said it was a real “hands-on” project, but it seemed to get a little “out of hand”! They just couldn’t grasp the concept that ” two lefts don’t make a right”! But that was because they were all playing hokey-pokey…

  2. ” Rewarding Residue ”
    After a successful session of artistic interaction, clean hands are not always the top priority. Sometimes they are the result of intensely busy creations!

  3. So this is what “continued education” is all about?!

    Reminded me of the first time I joined a class at the college in Clinton N.C. for continued eduction, that was 3 years ago when I first started painting, and I wanted to persue oils, … made me chuckle because at the sink was soap and cold water… period…. funny.