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I get a thrill every time I walk through the door of an artist's studio. Seeing how each painter or sculptor or draftsman works is a unique and exciting prospect. It is also a great way for me to learn a lot about lighting, solutions that utilize space, and how I can make my immediate studio surroundings a reflection of the way I work–or at least the way I want to!

Being able to see a fellow artist's workspace can be an inspirational breakthrough.
Being able to see a fellow artist's workspace can be an inspirational breakthrough.

Touring the globe to have walk-throughs with all the artists on my VIP list isn't exactly something I can do every day, but the newest free eBook from Southwest Art­The Best of My World: A Visit with 5 Artists in Their Creative Spaces–allows this to happen in a major way. In My World you'll find artists opening up their studios to you, discussing their how their studios are designed and what they do and don't do in the studio, and more.

Tell me the story of your studio by leaving a comment, below. Share ideas for your perfect art-making space and what you do in the studio that has become an important part of your practice. I can't wait to hear. And enjoy your free eBook. Download it now and enjoy!

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