Think I Can Get Batman to Sit For a Portrait?

Portrait painting is serious business. Truly, there is a lot at stake for the many professional portrait artists out there who paint dignitaries, presidents, and the like. But portraiture can also be incredibly fun! A show I saw a bit ago at Elisa Contemporary Art reinforced this for me. Their latest exhibition featured artists painting portraits of their favorite superheroes.

Wonder Man by Peter Buchman, painted wood mosaic, resin, 20 x 16.
Wonder Man by Peter Buchman,
painted wood mosaic, resin, 20 x 16.

It was incredible to see artists who are not necessarily portrait artists take to the idea of capturing a likeness of a person in such a creative way. Of course, this particular kind of portrait art is unique in that the artists were usually capturing a very obvious aspect of a person–a physical ability or signature outfit.

Digital Print from Nowhere Man by Jerome Walford.
Digital print from Nowhere Man
by Jerome Walford.

But in many ways this is the method used by "real" portrait painting artists: accentuate a handful of details that makes the sitter unique; study his or her expression and gesture; and put in something that makes the viewer sit up and take notice! So, sure, why not start working on my portrait painting techniques with a subject that is larger than life? It certainly would make the question of what to focus on much easier to answer.

If you want to paint your hero–real, or the masked and caped kind–or a loved one, friend, or studio model for that matter, all the same skills apply. And you can get a great foundation for portrait art, no matter who you decide to paint, with one of our newest resources, How to Paint Watercolor Portraits the Easy Way. This is a focused resource that covers plenty of ground and doesn't scrimp on the details of the fine art of portrait painting. Which means the portrait of your favorite masked man is just around the corner. Enjoy!   

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