Take Your Painting Skills Abroad

Breakthroughs in our artistic practices often come with a change—of venue, of process, or even from within our own creative mindsets. Workshops offer the opportunity to step outside the studio, and suddenly we can see and evaluate from a completely different vantage point.

Margaret Krug is a notable artist and the author who lives and works in New York City, but every August she travels to Spannocchia, Italy, to lead students through a workshop program that explores traditional painting methods—egg tempera, encaustic, and oil painting—in a contemporary context.

This year, Krug’s workshop (August 13-27) is themed around painting on panels, and in it students will practice in the footsteps of early Renaissance and Renaissance masters, mixing their own paints, preparing panels with gesso ground, and exploring the art historical context of the methods and concepts presented in the course while pursuing their own personal artistic visions.

The site of the workshop is the Spannocchia Foundation’s 1,100-acre organic agricultural estate in central Tuscany, and participating students lodge at the organization’s villa and surrounding residences. Not only are students able to connect on a new level with their chosen medium; they can explore that connection in-depth—attending art history lectures, exploring nearby museums and other sites, participating in sketchbook exercises, and traveling to nearby Siena, Florence, and other towns that are richly steeped in artistic heritage. Students can come away from the course with a heightened awareness of the history of their creative practices, and a lasting body of work that marks the experience.

To see if spaces are still available in the course, check in with Margaret at margaret.krug@gmail.com.


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