Spreading Art and Kindness With Rock Painting

Ever heard of rock painting? The fun and easy art phenomenon is spreading across the country.

Some may know the movement as kindness rocks. Others call it pay it forward or just painted rocks. No matter what you call it, the concept is easy: paint a rock with an inspiring message or art and leave it in a public place like a park for someone to find and enjoy. You can use acrylic paint, paint pens or any medium you want! The person who finds the rock can choose to hide it again, spreading the joy to someone else.

Rock Painting: A Humble Beginning

The artistic treasure hunt has been steadily gaining popularity. The activity has been on multiple news outlets!

The Kindness Rock Project’s website says the project’s goal is to “inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way.” The site also says their goal is to “recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.” We can all definitely use some random acts of kindness and spreading art through rock painting is a perfect and easy way to do it.

It’s fun to paint and hide the rocks, but it’s also fun to run around and find them. Many people share pictures online of rocks they have made or found, sometimes posting clues about where they are hidden. The scavenger hunt gets people outside together.

Megan Murphy, the founder of The Kindness Rock Project, told the Today Show: “I feel so connected with so many people because people send me messages with their stories every day. Some of them are sad, most of them are heart-warming, and they are all thanking me for starting the project. This isn’t about me. The project is about people. It’s about after people find a rock and they have that feeling about the rock and realize there’s another human being who actually gets them. They realize they are not alone in this world.”

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Want to Get Involved?

There are multiple rock painting groups and communities growing to spread the art love. If you search rock painting on Facebook, you can find hundreds of groups. There are broad group and local groups to help you connect with people in your areas. Everywhere from #LouisvilleRocksNRH RocksSummerville SC RocksLas Vegas Rocks and more!

Instead of watching TV or playing on electronics, painting rocks is a fun activity for the family to get together and create something. It’s easy for kids to get involved. Whether they paint the rocks or just go out hunting, it’s a great activity to do as a group.

Grab some rocks and paint and spread the love!

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