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It is funny and a bit frustrating when friends or acquaintances assume that the life of an artist involves a lot dallying about, painting when you feel like it, and not really stressing about anything. Oh, if only they knew! Being an artist is tough stuff! For sure, I could never contemplate giving up having painting and drawing in my life, but pursuing one's art means wearing a lot of different hats. Being an insightful and skilled creator is the start but you also have to work on developing a business sense when it comes to marketing, planning, selling, and more.

A user page from Artwork Archive showing all the artist's works.
A user page from Artwork Archive showing
the artist's works.

It is a lot to take on, but the rewards are exponential.  Getting involved in this side of your art business can make a huge difference in the trajectory of your art career. We live an extraordinary and unprecedented time when you can have access to so many people–through email, your website, and social media outlets. You get to talk directly to the prospective art collectors and appreciators of your work on your terms. There's no middleman muddling it up and misrepresenting you and what you stand for.

To take advantage of this moment in time, to get your work out there and let people know all of the great strides you are making, you have to start getting serious about your inventory. That means organizing your contact list of prospective and past clients, patrons, and collectors as well as managing your work, exhibitions, awards, gallery showings, and sales to help you share and show your art to the world.

Artwork details page from Artwork Archive.
Artwork details page
from Artwork Archive.

One new website that has come on my radar where you can address all these details is Artwork Archive. The site allows you to get organized quickly and easily, track inventory and recent sales, plus it keeps you better informed with graphical business insights that can show you things like heat maps of where your artwork is located all over the world (how cool does that sound?!) and capturing and visualizing the value, creation, and sales of your work.

Artwork Archive gives you insights to make informed decisions on what to do and where to go with your art career and right now they are offering a no risk free trial. If you choose to subscribe, you will get a 20% lifetime discount, so definitely check out Artwork Archive now. Cheers to you, artists!

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