Put a Caption to This Artsy Photo and Win!

I love, love, love the New Yorker's back page–where they give you an illustration and you write in with a caption that you think goes with the image. Some are funny, some are curious, some are just plain silly, but it just goes to show the power images have to spark our imaginations.

Well, we can't let the New Yorker have all the fun! Here's an artsy image that is sure to spark your imagination. Leave a comment with your caption below by Sunday, July 22nd, 11.59 PM, and you could be randomly selected to win an American Artist bundle prize.

If you have any questions, consult the Artist Daily Contest rules page.

Can't wait to see your captions!

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303 thoughts on “Put a Caption to This Artsy Photo and Win!

  1. “My Inner Artist” or “A Portrait of My Inner Artist” or “My Inner Child Comes Out to Play” seems to be a wonderful play on the “inner child” theme and seems totally apropos!

  2. Who needs a tattoo? Or “you must workout ” or does this make my butt look big? Or I found this new line of makeup that’s just the bomb! Or Mommy where’s Fido, I’ve got something for him. Or how do you put your eyeliner on so straight?

  3. This is just a moment in time for such a little one. The child look’s like art is a basic way for communication, also someone wisely chose an easy way for clean-up by not having clothes to launder.. I would call this “Natural”