Painting With No Holds Barred

The Red Stocking by Paul Signac, 1883, oil on canvas.
The Red Stocking by Paul Signac, 1883, fine art painting, oil on canvas.

Going “no holds barred” sounds tough, and slightly scary, but I’m feeling particularly intense about not wasting time learning how to paint fine are paintings like I want to paint them. The clock is ticking, but that really doesn’t mean much. The clock is going to tick no matter if we spend the time working on our painting art and learning from serious painting artists or just sitting around thinking and talking about it.

To that end, I’ve come up with a few reminders and tips about why we can create fine art paintings right now. If they are true for me, they might be true for you.

  • One sitting is enough. I sometimes stop myself from even starting a painting because I get overwhelmed by the time I think I need to invest. But it is good to remember that one sitting or studio session can reap a lot if I stay focused and give myself a manageable goal.
  • Scrape it away. Like trying to ride a bike with a bent wheel, continuing to work on a fine-art painting when I know something is wrong is a complete waste of energy. So I am committed to the idea of scraping it away and attempting passages again or working through painting techniques differently in order to get a different (hopefully better!) result.
  • Don’t waste time mixing paint. I always feel like I am forced to get out of the groove to mix more paint, so from now on I am going to mix big batches of paint with a palette knife and save myself time.
Apples by Igor Grabar, oil on canvas, 1905.
Apples by Igor Grabar, fine art painting, oil on canvas, 1905.

For the sake of you and your art, don’t flinch away from getting intense about your work. Go after what you want! Learn how to paint with the skills you know you want to have! Conquer the painting techniques that have tripped you up in the past! That’s certainly my plan, and I’m starting with the bestselling resources we have available for learning how to paint. That’s where Gregg Kreutz’s Oil Painting Bundle including  Oil Painting Essentials and Problem Solving for Oil Painters comes in. We get all the instructional guides we need to take our art where we want it to go from a master artist-instructor. Enjoy!


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