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Successful artists wear many hats. That's just the way it is. You are a one-person art business: a marketer, gallerist, art dealer, web master, agent, and, lest we forget, the creator of paintings or drawings that are worthwhile, powerful, and have an audience responding to it. It is a lot.

Senlis Cathedral, Midnight by Susan Pecora, 1996, watercolor painting, 22 x 30.
Senlis Cathedral, Midnight by Susan Pecora,
1996, watercolor painting, 22 x 30.

But art and business go very well together, and in our latest free eBook you'll see how straightforward many of the basics of marketing art, selling art, and photographing artwork can be. Art Business Savvy: How to Get Your Art in a Gallery is a filled with tons of information that covers the cornerstones of art for business.

It starts with a section on artist websites–what you want to include online and what you don't, tips on how to make the right impression, displaying art online, and marketing art in the very best way you can. There is also information on photographing artwork to get the best possible results so that your paintings or drawings are shown in the right light and the resulting images give a true sense of how the works appear in person. You'll also find pertinent information from John Parks, a successful artist and writer, on how to establish relationships with collectors, and where that can lead, namely selling artwork and getting your art and business the attention they deserve. There is also a two-part chapter on how to get some gallery love and what it takes to sustain a gallery relationship in this day and age.

I have told myself time and time again that my art business is nothing to be intimidated about. Instead, we should embrace that there are so many things we can do right now to put our best foot forward, artistically speaking, and gain recognition for the work we do and the know-how we have. With Art Business Savvy: How to Get Your Art in a Gallery, you are taking a strong step in the right direction, so download now and enjoy!

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