Move Over Hallmark!

Frederic Edwin Church's Aurora Borealis would make a stunning holiday card.
Frederic Edwin Church's Aurora Borealis would make a stunning holiday card.

Who needs to go buy a holiday card from a drug store when you're as creative as, well, all of us! Celebrate the holiday season with us at Artist Daily and American Artist magazine in our Move Over Hallmark! Holiday Card Contest.

Create your own holiday "card" (or cards–as many as you want!) and upload a picture of it to the Move Over Hallmark! Holiday Card Contest gallery. Then vote for your favorite card. Your top selection will become our holiday eCard, which we will send out to all of our professional contacts and friends in the arts community and at Interweave, our parent company, this holiday season. It's simple! And fun! So do it!

I already have sugarplum visions of paper cutouts…bright watercolor washes…impressionistic brushstrokes of a wintry landscape. Add bling! Mix techniques and materials! Incorporate your favorite art and craft practices! Make your "card" as big or as small as you want. And remember, this doesn't have to be an actual "card." We know your artwork comes in many forms and on many surfaces. What's great is that with an eCard we'll be able to work with the image of your original artwork, no problem! Anything goes as long as it is inspired and appropriate for the holiday season.

So if you have a winter scene that is just perfect for the occasion, take a quick pic and load it. If you're exploring a narrative in your latest encaustic painting that works as a holiday theme, send in that photo! We are taking entries until December 10, 2011.

The holiday season is the best when shared–so share your amazing, inspiring artwork with us! Happy Holidays!



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