May I Introduce Michael Klein?

Michael Klein: Weekend with the Masters art instructor

Karina's Rose by Michael Klein, oil painting.
Karina's Rose by Michael Klein, oil painting.

Michael Klein is a young artist in the NovoRealist movement (new realism), creating melancholic oil painting art that has a distinct and haunting feeling. Klein developed a special connection with nature and a desire to describe his world accurately while growing up in the Midwest. He began his academic art training at the age of 18 with Richard Whitney, and continued at Richard Lack's The Atelier, in Minneapolis. Still searching for further enrichment, he moved to New York City to study at The Art Students League of New York, and subsequently at the Water Street Atelier with Jacob Collins. The intensive atmosphere of the Water Street Atelier awakened in Klein a desire to pursue an aesthetic in painting not common in our culture. In 2006 Klein moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to prepare for his first solo exhibition. Working abroad gave Klein the isolation he needed to develop his artistic vision and apply the methods he previously learned. Inspired by nature, Buenos Aires was the ideal environment for creating the unique paintings the artist is known for. Klein returned to the United States in 2009 to launch the first video magazine for representational painters, called American Painting Video Magazine. The production quickly grew and was downloaded in more than 30 countries the first month alone and has continued expanding with each issue. The videos include interviews and demonstrations with some of the world's most sought after painters. Klein's work has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions and in the pages of numerous art magazines. He stated in a recent essay, "I believe that a form of exceptional representational painting is closer to science because you have a fixed truth, which is the external world around us. Making art is a series of personal decisions based on that true source, which is the natural world. We can refer to it as natural law because it doesn't change; the law of gravity is the same now as it was before it was discovered. From the beginning of time the gravitational pulls of different parts of the universe have existed." Klein is a strong advocate for the return to beauty in art and has dedicated his life to achieving this goal. For more information on the artist, visit his website.

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