Left Brain or Right Brain?

To be a successful artist, you need both!

As artists we strive to feel confident in our creative abilities. Even though we all go through times of "creative drought" we became artists for a reason. You had something in you calling you to create objects, paintings, and drawings that are meaningful and powerful. But does creativity alone get us to the level of a professional artist?

At some point you likely came to the realization that not only could you create for the love of your art, but you might just be able to making a living doing it too. Many artists begin their journey toward a professional art career this way but many of us struggle with the details of running a business, too. You've been working on right-brain creative pursuits for so long that transitioning to the left-brain skills needed to build and run a business can be difficult. But the balance between the two is something we have to reach for if we want to run our art business well. Successful artists are those who excel in both the left-brain and right-brain aspects of being an artist.

The good news is that all it takes to switch from left to right brain, and back again, is a little practice and focus. I have no doubt that you and all the artists we know who create such stunning works and devote so much intensive time in the studio to their artistry are the same artists who can achieve the analytical, objective, and administrative skills needed to run an art business. No question about it! But in addition to learning and developing your skill set, you also need the right tools. Many times the proper tool can do the work for you, allowing you to focus more on the creative side, while helping you through the business and organizational details.

One tool for boosting your left-brain business skills and pointing your art career in the right direction is Artwork Archive. The site makes it easy to track important aspects of your career from shows and consignments to sales and contact management. It walks you through the best practices of being a professional artist so you have more time to spend in the studio. You can track where your work is going, where it's being shown, who's interested in it, and what's selling. You can generate professional invoices, consignment reports, and labels for galleries and clients with ease.

Right now Artwork Archive is offering Artist Daily members a free trial, and if you choose to subscribe they are extending to you a 20% off lifetime discount. So give Artwork Archive a try and see what you think. 


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