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John Howard Sanden teaches portraiture as a sequential series of steps that an artist can master
for the sake of capturing a likeness, but the skills can also be applied to other genres of painting.

Trying to capture the likeness of a person in a finite period of time and meeting the high expectations often associated with portraiture are far from effortless tasks. They take commitment and savvy to do well. Our eBook Oil Painting Lessons on How to Paint a Portrait: 15 Portrait Painting Techniques from Artist Daily is a guide to portrait artist John Howard Sanden’s process. Sanden unpacks the development of a portrait into a series of sequential steps that allows an artist to feel assured about what he or she is doing when painting oil portraits.

The techniques that Sanden shares are particularly helpful because the skills you develop in association with oil-portrait painting are applicable to all other genres of painting. The ability to position your subject in a dynamic way and create interplay between the rhythms and colors in the fore-, middle-, and background are what all painters strive to do no matter what their subject matter. And that’s just the start for Sanden. He discusses values, tones, and how to add final refinements to a painting.

In much the same way, American Artist shows you how readily your painter’s skills, which you might develop when painting landscapes or still lifes, can lead to diverse and satisfying endeavors in other areas. In one issue you’ll see an artist’s contemporary take on an Impressionistic landscape. In the next you’ll find an artist taking those same skills but putting them to work creating interesting figural compositions. American Artist shows you how to bridge your interests and your skills, allowing artists to develop well-rounded techniques that strengthen the foundation of their work.

And don’t forget to download your free eBook, Oil Painting Lessons on How to Paint a Portrait: 15 Portrait Painting Techniques from Artist Daily. Enjoy!

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