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There is a lot we have to juggle in our lives. As I think I’ve told you before, I have a list to keep track of my to-do lists because there are so many little details swirling around in my head. I know it is pretty much the same for you. But I also know that when I am inspired, it is like the clocks stop. Time switches off and I just plunge in. I love that feeling! It’s what keeps my creative energy revved up and ready to go. Inspiration overcomes any barrier, but sometimes it needs a little help.

The cover of the Summer 2013 issue of Inspired features a glowing pastel painting by Vicente Romero.
The cover of the Summer 2013 issue of Inspired features
a glowing pastel painting by Vicente Romero.

If you feel like you could use a jolt of the kind of inspiration I’m talking about, Inspired might be the unique resource for you. An online fine arts magazine, Inspired features instruction from noted artists working in oil, watermedia, pastel, and more. With just a few clicks, I have tons of creativity at my fingertips. I especially love the video tutorials on techniques because there is nothing like seeing what you are being taught by someone actually doing it.

Macy 2 by Charles Reid, watercolor painting.
Macy 2 by Charles Reid, watercolor painting.

So when you get a little stressed or tired, don’t forget to go back to what makes you happy and satisfied: art! It is our “happy pill,” and I say take it whenever you can! The Summer issue of Inspired, brought to you by the editors of and sponsored exclusively by Jerry’s Artarama, is available now. When you feel like you need a creative jumpstart or just want to see beautiful, timeless art and read about classic painting techniques, Inspired will be there waiting for you. Enjoy!


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