How About Making This Art Promise With Me?

Painting together with family and friends of all ages can be really rewarding.
Painting together with family and friends of all ages can be really rewarding.

Art has been a gift in my life. It has allowed me to live more richly and fully than I could otherwise imagine. But I'm especially lucky because art found me; I didn't find it. I was a freshman in college bouncing around and trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I took an art history class on a whim and that was it.

From there I've done some many things and had such great experiences with art. Whether it is curating art shows, writing about artists for publications, or stumbling (gladly!) to create my own work, I've had a banquet-style experience in art and I've loved every minute of it.

Artists can give back in big and small ways, and I'm going to make an effort to give art to my friends and loved ones any way I can this season. I will probably start with the young children in my family and maybe teach them about a painting process that I love or even paint together.

Or perhaps we will do a family art project—get a big canvas and paint on it together and then put it up in a place of pride in my home.

We might also go to a museum show and look at art together, or search for online art galleries that we can "visit" while being cozy on the couch. I've found that this not only helps me articulate what I think about art in my own mind, it also passes art along in exciting ways.

Along with sharing your art experiences and passion with those around you this holiday season, you might be able to rekindle someone's passion—and maybe even a little bit of your own—with the Impressionist Painting Collection from George Gallo, or the Deluxe Collection. You'll find art that opens your eyes a little wider and painting and drawing techniques and tips that can help you create the artwork you want to make. Enjoy!


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