Get Your Work Seen By 100 People a Day

Yep, it is a pretty lofty goal. I know it. But there are so many incredible artists out there who are doing incredible work and deserve more visibility! Here are a few ways that you can elevate your artistic profile in the wider world. By no means are these a cure-all or guarantee, but if they get you thinking along the lines of what more you can do to get your artwork seen, all the better.

Sprinting Hermes by Robert Liberace, oil painting.
Sprinting Hermes by Robert Liberace, oil painting.

Don't disregard eyes and ears close to home.

In your town or neighborhood, is there a coffee shop or bookstore you love? Is it frequented by a lot of like-minded people? If so, take the opportunity and ask the owner or manager to display your paintings or drawings. You get publicity and they get their walls decorated for free, and you get to tap into a community you are already in sync with.

Who are the top ten people whom you would love to get your paintings or drawings in front of?

Make a list and email them. Tracking them down on the worldwide web should be easy enough, and you get the opportunity to make a presentation of your work to the people you respect and admire on your own terms—no filter and no middleman to work around.

Be there—on the walls and in person.

Artist Rob Liberace is great at this approach. He'll often have a standard gallery opening for his most recent figure drawings, but he'll spice up the occasion by doing a live drawing session right in the middle of the gallery. It is a great way to get collectors, students, and appreciators who are already interested enough in him to come to the show even more interested—by giving them direct access to the artist and his process as he is drawing figures right in front of them.  

Female Figure with Drape
by Robert Liberace, oil on panel.

Liberace also leverages his talent by teaching—something a lot of us are thankful for, not only because his works are amazing (I wish I could do 1% of what he can do!) but also because he has a unique approach to figure sketching—and his DVD, Drawing the Figure in Motion, shows that to good effect. From what he looks for in all his figure drawing poses to how to draw a figure that seems to be full of energy and power, Liberace is a great one to learn from. Enjoy!


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