Free Instructions for Painting With Oils

Joe Gyurcsak explaining his palette
to a workshop class.

I fancy myself to be a halfway-decent cook, although undoubtedly an amateur. I often find that the best way to unwind after a long day is to put my thoughts aside and create a meal for my family. I sometimes run into problems, though, when in my pursuit of culinary perfection I try to do too much or get too extravagant. On more than one occasion, my wife, hunger clearly evident in her voice, has told me to take a deep breath and simplify things. She didn’t need roast duck on a Wednesday night. A plate of spaghetti would have more than sufficed. It’s a good lesson to learn and can be applied in a variety of areas, still life painting especially.

Artists can often find themselves “in the weeds” when they try to do too much with a painting, or when they load up their palette with too many colors. It may be a cliché, but less really can be more. Our new free eBook, “18 Instructions for Painting With Oils,” drills right down to that point. In it, we look at New Jersey oil painter Joe Gyurcsak, who helps students understand how using a limited palette and keeping things simple makes for a more focused and unified painting. The still life artist, while completing still life paintings, discusses key factors in creating a harmonious still life, including palette, composition, and technique, all with an eye toward keeping the process uncomplicated.

So remember, whether trying to create a culinary masterpiece or a timeless still life painting, keep things simple. Our new free eBook, “18 Instructions for Painting With Oils,” will help you get there…on the canvas at least. You’re on your own in the kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Free Instructions for Painting With Oils

  1. I did download the your eBook and very glad I did. There are so many good tips that I have to keep reviewing it. I want to have your ideas in my head the next time I paint. And I am going to try your limited pallete which I find to be very interesting. Thanks for such a good and lengthy article.

  2. I can’t find the free demo. I downloaded it and only have of it printed and i’m trying to find the link for the free demo and I’m not finding it. Would someone kindly send me the link to this: 18 instructions for painting with oil colors?
    Thanks so much.