Finding the Tools to Create More

Benjamin Von Wong demonstrating his motion-blur techniques.

 “Tell the superhero inside you to come out and play.”

Wacom’s Create More online outreach program features a group of artists from different disciplines and geographical locations to celebrate creativity in all of its forms.

Ben Von Wong, a photographer and visual engineer hailing from Montreal, Canada, was a natural choice to be one of the featured artists of Create More thanks to his unique and original style, outgoing personality, and his willingness to take photography in some bold directions.

“Painting with fire” art technique from Benjamin Von Wong.

Creating more begins with a good idea combined with solid execution. While nothing can beat imagination and hard work when it comes to creating engaging images like Mr. Von Wong’s, finding the right tools–like the Intuos Pro family of pen and touch tablets–to allow your imagination to run free is a key ingredient in helping all of us get to where we want to be as artists.

Create More is celebrating all the creative possibilities out there and offering Artist Daily members free tutorials and artwork to inspire us and help take our artistry to the next level. See the possibilities when you create more & enjoy!






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