Drumroll Please…..

The September Painting of the Month on the Artist Daily Facebook page has been selected. Check it out, see who it is, and wish him or her congratulations!

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  Courtney is the editor of Artist Daily. For her, art is one of life’s essentials and a career mainstay. She’s pursued academic studies of the Old Masters of Spain and Italy as well as museum curatorial experience, writing and reporting on arts and culture as a magazine staffer, and acquiring and editing architecture and cultural history books. She hopes to recommit herself to more studio time, too, working in mixed media.   

2 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…..

  1. I need to report that American Artist has suffered a security breach.
    I would have e-mailed this to you all at American Artist, but I could not find an e-mail address on your Website to send my report to.
    Anyway, today I received a fraudulent e-mail message purportedly from someplace called Play.com, a place that I have never had anything to do with, if it even exists, trying to invoice me for stuff that I never ordered.
    The reason I know that there has been a security breach at American Artist is that this fraudulent e-mail message used an e-mail address for me that I have given ONLY to American Artist. That means that someone has stolen my e-mail address from you and is using it for criminal purposes. I can’t be the only subscriber who’s been put at risk.
    I will be happy to forward to you the fraudulent e-mail message I received today, if you will tell me where to forward it to.