Cover Competition Deadline Extended

Rossina's Apple (detail)
by William Rose.

Winner of the 2008 Drawing Cover Competition.

In our culture, as print has taken hold over the last few centuries and magazines have developed into microcultures of their own, we've grown used to watching magazine covers become national icons.

We look to covers to tell us allthe current news, the hottest new item, the recent gossip, or the mouth-dropping new artist. We expect our magazine covers to give us instant insight into current trends and tell us in one glance everything we can expect from that issue. And we look to our favorite magazines to have just the right image to draw us in when we pull it out of our mailbox or look for it in the massive selection at the the newsstand. We might also expect that image to reflect where we are personally or to allow us to escape into some new place. Regardless of our expectations, cover art has to reach us and stick with us.

Having your artwork on the cover of a leading art magazine means more than just winning a gallery event; it invites collectors, museums, galleries, and artists alike to take notice.

Such a success story came true for William Rose, who wrote to us this week to relate his story after winning the 2008 Drawing cover competition:

"I was contacted by a film director in Carmel, California about a project he was working on with the Eastwoods (Clint and his wife, Dina). He was beginning preproduction of a film in Carmel about a teenage art prodigy who gets involved in international forgery, and they were looking for an artist to work on the film. They spotted your magazine with my cover at a local bookstore, and after visiting my website, they apparently determined my charcoal work was exactly what they were looking for. So, here I aman artist from Prarie Village, Kansas, having stumbled across a talent for drawing a few years agogetting a request to come out to Carmel for three months and produce all of the artwork that appears in the film as the work of the kid prodigy. As you might imagine, it was quite a surreal experience. In addition to producing all of the artworkwhich included dozens of drawings, a few paintings, and a 16'-x-12' figurative mural on a hotel-room ceilingthey asked me to be the on-set still photographer for the entire shoot.

"Since the filming this past winter, my career has really shot off the ground with numerous shows in and around the Kansas City area and my work being represented in multiple galleries. Needless to say, I owe all of this to entering and winning your cover competition. There is no way I can begin to express my gratitude to you for providing the exceptional opportunities with your publications to artists like myself who scratch and claw to find ways to gain a little recognition in a world filled with outstanding artists."

Our cover competition deadline has been extended until November 16, so you have three more days to make a submission for the cover of American Artist, Watercolor, or Drawing magazine. All the details, including the latest submissions, can be found online at our competition website.

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