Counting Down to the Big Event

Twilight by Anthony Ryder, 1998, pencil
and pastel on gold paper, 25 x 19.

The event I’ve been looking forward to since I came to Artist Daily is just a few days away. Weekend With the Masters 2010 is almost here. I’ve been told that the energy at the conference is incredible, with so many significant practicing artists and instructors present, as well as avid, enthused students all gathered in one place.

The Reverend and Mrs. Rolle by
Stephen Scott Young, 2010,
drybrush watercolor on paper,
19 3/4 x 22.

I’m gearing up for a whirlwind of activity. Artists will be teaching classes and giving demonstrations; there will be panel discussions on such topics as preserving painting in our digital age; and I’ll actually get to see artists like Quang Ho and C.W. Mundy (he loves Francisco de Zurbarán’s still lifes too!) paint in person. I’m hoping to tag along during a plein air class, as well. Observing on the beach where Peter Adams teaches his class on pastel seascapes would be no hardship.

I have to tell you, though, I’m most interested in learning all I can from a few incredible draftsmen: Rob Liberace, Sherrie McGraw, and Anthony Ryder, among others. Their drawing skills are all so acute yet so individual—Liberace’s ability to animate the form; McGraw’s capacity to draw the human face with such sensitivity; and Ryder’s tonal renderings that have such convincing contours and sense of volume. I think this exposure will really jump start my plan to refocus on my drawing skills in the coming months. It is hard to look at any one of these artists’ works on paper and not want to follow in their footsteps just a little bit.

Figure Throwing Ball by Rob Liberace,
chalk on paper, 24 x 36.

Between now and then, I’m reading our special publication The Best of Drawing. It is like a refresher course all in one magazine. The images from master artists are inspiring, and the subject matter is comprehensive. It might be the kind of drawing refresher or technical foundation you’re looking for, too. All I know is that with each article I read, I feel more confident, and that should definitely put me in a good place for Weekend With the Masters.

If you have any questions to ask or techniques you are dying to know about—straight from the mouths of the Weekend With the Masters instructors—leave a comment and let me know. I’m going to be gathering tips galore at the conference, and I’d be happy to pose your questions to the likes of Stephen Scott Young and David Leffel while I’m at it.

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3 thoughts on “Counting Down to the Big Event

  1. I hope that next year Weekend with the Masters will be held on the East Coast -the NY/NJ metro area so that all us here can be able to participate. There are many venues in the northern New Jersey region across from NYC that such an event can be held. It may be too late to do this for this year but it be a great idea if some of the demos were available for downloading or on DVD.

  2. Hey NJ ART,
    You’ve read our minds! The plan is to have a Weekend with the Masters event on the East Coast next year. It should be a great opportunity.

    And we are shooting three DVDs with some of the top instructors at the event this week, plus shooting video for an upcoming Tips from the Masters DVD. Stay tuned!