Artist Daily Member Spotlight: Asghar Gonchehpour

Mixed media painting by Asghar Gonchehpour, Colored Innocence
Colored Innocence by Asghar Gonchehpour.

One of the things I love best as the editor for Artist Daily is getting to know the artists in our community. A few weeks ago, I saw a mixed media portrait in the Member Gallery that caught my attention. The painting–a girl with wild, colorful hair and a tranquil expression on her face–looked like some kind of punk-rock angel. The contrast of bold colors in the figure's hair–red and blue–and her sweet, tender face were startling and lovely.

I contacted the artist, Asghar Gonchehpour, to ask about the inspiration for the work, and I want to share his artistic background and acknowledge the strides he's made in his artistry. I plan on reaching out to more and more of the many great artists in our online community in the future. In doing so, I admit that I'm going to be one busy girl, but it's one of the things I look forward to most in my job. And who knows–maybe next time I'll be able to feature you!   

Artist Daily: How long have you been a painter?

Asghar Gonchehpour: I have been painting for 17 years. I finished high school in graphic design and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing from Bahonar University in Iran. As my whole income is from commissioned paintings and teaching art and painting techniques, I could say I am a full-time artist. Plus, I do photography, sculpture, and write poetry.

AA: Tell me about the mixed media painting, Colored Innocence. How did you make it?

AG: It's one of those works inspired from a photo, a simple black and white photo of a beautiful girl with an innocent look. The colored sketch was done with Photoshop. On canvas, the materials are mainly oil color and acrylic, and gesso for ruffled textures that I added late in the process. The toughest part of this painting was balancing the harsh change in her hair color with the calm emotion of her facial expression.

Mixed media painting by Asghar Gonchehpour, from the Kitchen Series
This work is from Asghar's Kitchen series.

AA: Why do you call your website, Art for Heart?
: Romanticism is my favorite movement in art and literature. I like the way they imagined the world with love and passion.

AA : Do you work from your imagination, or from life, or from photos?
: I am used to watching movies and seeing photos a lot. Sometimes a photo is a good pretext for inspiring me. Sometimes for accomplishing the details of a simple imaginary sketch I ask a model to pose for me. Sometimes my entire work ends up without any references and only by my imagination.

AA : Can you tell me about your different series–Kitchen and Sufi Dance?
: There is a dreamlike atmosphere in the Kitchen series, where we observe a woman who lives in her kitchen, or it might be better to say she is stuck in there with her pans, concerned with cooking duties and all the routines that affect her normal life. Sometimes she just kneels there, gray and thoughtful, or in another scene drowned in the kitchen floor, unconscious. My intention was to create a female protagonist stuck in life's isthmus; her feminism is more about the soft side of the human essence.

The storyline in the Sufi Dance series is inspired by Rumi's poems. You see a figure who is being released or is about to be, whirling in a mystical dance and heading toward light.

Mixed media painting by Asghar Gonchehpour, from the Sufi Dance series
A painting from the Sufi Dance series.

AA: Why did you join Artist Daily?
: I just wanted to be a part of this beautiful and artistic world. The ability to upload works directly and get feedback from real artists is so amazing. Receiving the latest news and articles from the website is also useful.

Asghar mentioned that even after more than 15 years as an artist, he seeks out instructional resources on drawing and painting techniques, which is why a subscription to The Artist's Magazine could be a perfect fit for him–and you. It can inspire even a seasoned artist and give you insights into methods and processes that have been used by Old Masters and contemporary artists alike. Enjoy! 

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