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I was reminded that art grows in the most unlikely places and conditions when I recently heard about the art scene that is showing distinct signs of life in Fayette County, Georgia.

Wildlife watercolorist Dylan Scott Pierce teaches students about layering color.
Wildlife watercolorist Dylan Scott Pierce
teaches students about layering color. 

Three years ago, Fayette County was a place without a single art center or art gallery. The Chamber of Commerce didn't even have an "arts" category. But Kathaleen Brewer is trying to change all that with ArtWorks on the Square, a hardworking art school that is bringing art classes, painting workshops, quality art shows, art studios, and an art supplies store to the Southeast Metro Atlanta area.

ArtWorks on the Square

ArtWorks on the Square is in the historic square of the city of Fayetteville and surrounded by a budding downtown scene with locally-owned restaurants and a hotel within walking distance to the collective. It is an art school for students of all ages, and a place where cartooning, fine art painting, sculpture, jewelry making, photography, pottery, and crafts of all kinds are all being taught. Kathleen is bringing her community together through the power of art and I have no doubt she'll succeed. Where art is, good energy has to follow. Am I right?

Kathleen calls ArtWorks on the Square a "creative village" and while I haven't been down there to see for myself, I can believe it, mostly because I know and have witnessed the power and allure of art so many times in my life. As I'm sure all of you have!

So please join me in congratulating Kathleen on what she has accomplished with ArtWorks on the Square! Spread the word if you know of anyone in the area or go take a look for yourself if you are nearby. And lastly, what kind of great art happenings, big or small, are going on in your hometown or local art community. Leave a comment and let me know!




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