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Glacier Over Lake Louise by Gil Dellinger, acrylic painting, 36 x 48.
Glacier Over Lake Louise by Gil Dellinger, acrylic painting, 36 x 48.

Almost all the painting I did in college was with acrylics, and most of the students I worked in class with did the same. Painting with acrylics was our best option because the paints were affordable and because of the convenience factor—acrylic paints dried fast, so we could transport them quickly from studio to class to apartment and back—all without fear that the paintings would get smudged or marred in transit.

But for all the time I spent acrylic painting, my professors never gave any instruction on the particulars of the medium. They never shared specific acrylic painting techniques, and we never thought to ask. We just explored on our own. In particular, I remember always thinning my paints way down—almost to washes—because I tended to work just behind the drying curve of the paints and I liked the transparency of them when they were runny.

Looking back, I wish I’d had more of an introduction on how to paint with acrylics—just enough to know what its full capabilities are. Acrylic Artist gives you the acrylic lessons you may be looking for much like I was–and still am. It covers layering and pouring acrylics, tips and methods to make your best work, and so many inspiring acrylic artists to learn from.

I’m all about exploring a medium on my own, but it’s nice to have a foundation of knowledge, too. Acrylic Artist is a great resource on acrylic painting, for beginners and more seasoned painters alike. Plus those of us who have had a little experience with acrylics but want more information about the medium get the opportunity to further our knowledge as well. Enjoy!


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