Technique: Christopher Hart: Cool 20-Something Female

0610hartdemo3_4_230x600_1Christopher Hart explains how he drew this typical trendy young woman with a simple technique that always produces a pleasing, sharp look for cartoon characters with a graphic flair.

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Step 1
The female, 20-something cartoon torso is built on two basic shapes: torso and hips.

Step 2
The top shape wedges into the second shape.
Step 3
The neck and the thighs wedge into the main body.

The Completed Sketch: Cool 20-Something Female
by Christopher Hart, from Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Cartoons (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, New York).

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One thought on “Technique: Christopher Hart: Cool 20-Something Female

  1. Is there any way I could learn how to do simple, yet impressive drawings like yours? I know I could replicate that on paper…but it’s coming up with that original idea that I have a problem with.