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Attention American Artist Subscribers,

F&W Media, publisher of The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal, and Southwest Art, recently purchased American Artist magazine. For every issue you have remaining in your American Artist subscription, you'll now receive an issue of The Artist's Magazine, the world's leading publication for artists working in all media and in all styles. If you subscribe to both magazines, the number of issue remaining on your American Artist subscription will be added to your subscription to The Artist's Magazine.

We are thrilled to welcome American Artist subscribers to F+W. In every issue of The Artist's Magazine, you'll find instruction, ideas and inspiration: intensive features filled with beautiful art and step-by-step demonstrations to help you expand your horizons and improve your painting process no matter what medium you work in: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, and more-plus, columns covering the business of art, the practice of drawing, the history of art, painting techniques-and more.

The Artist's Magazine has been the world's most respected magazine for artists engaged in the creation of artwork since 1984, and we look forward to continuing its legacy of providing you with the information you need to nurture your creativity, your productivity and your success.

If you would prefer to have a refund on the remaining issues of American Artist, or if you have questions about your subscription please contact us at 800-333-0444 or email


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American Artist is the leading magazine for representational and figurative artists. Since 1937, American Artist has been a resource for artists seeking inspiration and instruction on improving their craft - a need we attend to in every section of the magazine. Devoted to the realism in art that our readers cherish, American Artist features artists who are shining examples of excellence in their medium, whether oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and other media.