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F&W Media, publisher of The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal, and Southwest Art, recently purchased American Artist magazine. For every issue you have remaining in your American Artist subscription, you'll now receive an issue of The Artist's Magazine, the world's leading publication for artists working in all media and in all styles. If you subscribe to both magazines, the number of issue remaining on your American Artist subscription will be added to your subscription to The Artist's Magazine.

We are thrilled to welcome American Artist subscribers to F+W. In every issue of The Artist's Magazine, you'll find instruction, ideas and inspiration: intensive features filled with beautiful art and step-by-step demonstrations to help you expand your horizons and improve your painting process no matter what medium you work in: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, and more-plus, columns covering the business of art, the practice of drawing, the history of art, painting techniques-and more.

The Artist's Magazine has been the world's most respected magazine for artists engaged in the creation of artwork since 1984, and we look forward to continuing its legacy of providing you with the information you need to nurture your creativity, your productivity and your success.

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Recent Issues

American Artist is the leading magazine for representational and figurative artists. Since 1937, American Artist has been a resource for artists seeking inspiration and instruction on improving their craft - a need we attend to in every section of the magazine. Devoted to the realism in art that our readers cherish, American Artist features artists who are shining examples of excellence in their medium, whether oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and other media.
  • American Artist Magazine, November 2012

    In this issue, we trace how representational art has alternated between hyper-realism and a more lyrical expression throughout history and look at some ways in which both past and contemporary practitioners utilize these techniques.

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  • American Artist Magazine, October 2012

    This issue explores realism, both contemporary and historical. We also take a trip to the Woodmere Art Museum, in Philadelphia, currently hosting an exhibition filled with unconventional approaches to the realist tradition.

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  • American Artist Magazine, September 2012

    Education plays a major role in our development as artists, and by extension has a significant impact on all visual culture. In this issue, we explore the history of art education and visit a range of schools and programs that can help guide your study and teaching plans.

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  • American Artist Magazine, July/August 2012

    In this issue of American Artist, we look at both the plein air and figurative work of the California art scene. Articles feature the upcoming “On Location in Malibu” exhibition, the philosophies and artwork of NovoRealism, Weekend With the Masters instructor Jennifer McChristian, and the influence of Theodore N. Lukits, among others.

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  • American Artist Magazine, June 2012

    In collaboration with the Hispanic Society of America, we take a trip to Spain, where we consider the legacy of that country’s greatest masters. We explore the working methods of Sorolla, the lasting influence of Goya, and the techniques Velázquez used to create portraits of such power.


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  • American Artist Magazine, May 2012

    The pursuit of commercial and fine art has been explored by many artists, including those working in a fantasy or symbolist mode. In this issue, we look at James Gurney, of Dinotopia fame; comic-book-artist-turned-portraitist Everett Raymond Kinstler; and Howard Pyle.

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  • American Artist Magazine, March/April 2012

    Happy Birthday to us! In our expanded March/April issue, American Artist celebrates its 75th anniversary by revisiting some of the most inspiring artists we’ve covered throughout our history. We also feature our annual workshop and art school directory.

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  • American Artist Magazine, February 2012

    This issue considers artists who paint the figure in context, such as Martha Erlebacher, who paints figures in classically informed configurations, and acrylic artist John K. Harrell, who offers a demonstration of how he paints city scenes filled with pedestrians, trees, and bright lights.

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  • American Artist Magazine, December/January 2012

    In honor of 2012,  this issue offers a survey of 12 new or unknown artists, based on the recommendations of respected art professionals. We also feature our art materials buying guide, with shopping tips for all your studio needs.

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  • American Artist Magazine, November 2011

    This issue of American Artist features consummate classicists Jacob Collins and Daniel E. Greene—artists who champion figurative art and its embrace of beauty and humanist thought.

    The autumn season is approaching, and the lazy days of summer will soon be a hazy (and humid) memory. Our collective engines ramp up to full throttle this time of year as we cycle through the few remaining months in the calendar. November marks the end of harvest season, and we are reminded to be grateful for the abundance that is provided us. Artistic abundance—the product of sustained study, diligent effort, and a deep appreciation of beauty—overflows in the art world, and we can provide but a small sampling of all there is to see, learn, and create within the context of contemporary practice.

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  • October 2011

    The October issue of American Artist explores the infinite world that lies outside of our understanding. This display of mystery and magnificence, brilliantly depicted by the 19th-century landscape artist Albert Bierstadt, has inspired generations of artists to paint their ?finest works.

    We hope the artists featured in this issue inspire you to open yourself up to the wonders of the universe. We hope, too, that the techniques they have shared will aid your ability to harvest the feelings and sensations you experience and translate those open moments into great works of art.

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  • September 2011

    Realism today comprises a myriad of working styles that derails any effort to define it based on select studio practices—such as whether an artist works primarily from life or from photographs. Nor can realism be equated with an effort to capture exacting detail, which would leave out the probing vision of Degas.

    How an artist paints is as important as what he or she paints. Enhance your work with realism, the most indigenous art form, a product of its own time derived from keen observation and direct experience with present reality. The artists featured in this issue fall within this singular vision. Their works are sophisticated images of contemporary city and town life that demonstrate noble study, native talent, and a genuine interest in the people, places, and things in their lives.

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  • July/August 2011

    As the sun grows warmer and the days lengthen, we begin to yearn for our favorite vacation spots-—seaside towns, mountain-top retreats, or maybe just our backyards. In this issue we take a look at art inspired by romantic getaways and the carefree days of summers past and present.

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  • December 2010

    On the Cover: Untitled (work in progress, detail, reversed) by Steven Assael. FEATURES The Interiors & Figurative Work of Ben Fenske: A Critical Look at Raw Talent by Allison Malafronte & Michael Gormley Two American Artist editors review the Learn More