American Artist Magazine, October 2012

This issue explores realism, both contemporary and historical. We also take a trip to the Woodmere Art Museum, in Philadelphia, currently hosting an exhibition filled with unconventional approaches to the realist tradition.



Realism Redux
By Adam Van Doren
A publicity photograph taken more than 50 years ago to promote an exhibition by fledgling artists now stands as a testament to the enduring power of realist art.

Power: The Paintings of George Bellows
By John A. Parks
A major traveling retrospective showcases one of the great American masters.

Far From Utopia: Adam Miller and 
Martin Wittfooth
By Michael Gormley
Using very different approaches, these two young 
painters both aim to portray the harder side of life in 
the modern world.

The Portrait, Demonstrated (Part 2 of 3)
In this second installment of our three-part series, Gregory Mortenson explains his oil-transfer method and the imprimatura step, which will establish a value hierarchy, strengthen the drawing, and refine edges.

Edwin Dickinson: 
Expecting the Unexpected
By Margaret Krug
20th-century master Edwin Dickinson instilled
remarkable freshness into an expansive body of work, and encouraged his students to paint in a way that expressed their unique vision of the world.

Realism in a Minor Key
A recent exhibition at the Woodmere Art Museum, in Philadelphia, brought to light some darker shades of American realism.










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