American Artist Magazine, July/August 2012

In this issue of American Artist, we look at both the plein air and figurative work of the California art scene. Articles feature the upcoming “On Location in Malibu” exhibition, the philosophies and artwork of NovoRealism, Weekend With the Masters instructor Jennifer McChristian, and the influence of Theodore N. Lukits, among others.



On Location in Malibu: Paintings by the California Art Club
by Michael Zakian
A current exhibition lets landscape lovers see many sides of a famously captivating location.

Abstract Reaction
by Eric Sutphin
California artist Elmer Bischoff used a foundation of abstraction to help become a pioneer for a new movement in figurative art.

Novorealism: Honoring the Human Element
by Naomi Ekperigin
For members of this growing movement, representational art is a powerful tool in what they consider to be a “revolution”—one that asserts humanity in the face of our technological, mechanical world.

Jennifer McChristian: A Journey of Evolving Vision & Ability
by Allison Malafronte
Whether painting traditional plein air landscapes, urban street scenes, or emotive figurative and interior work, this Los Angeles-based artist
endeavors to continually expand her ability to see, contemplate, and capture her surroundings.

Jeffrey R. Watts: Passion, Discipline, and Balance
by Austin R. Williams
This San Diego artist and instructor aims to not only teach students technical skill but also help them look inward and use their abilities for self-expression.

Theodore Nicolai Lukits: The Aesthetics of Beauty
by Michael Gormley
By incorporating decorative motifs with influences from numerous other artistic traditions, this master artist brought his paintings to an elevated level of beauty.

Cover Image
Malibu Gull (detail)
by Alexey Steele, 2012, oil, 26 x 65. Courtesy the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Malibu, California.








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