April 2010

How to Paint With Spontaneity & Insight; Benefit from a Beginner's; Sense of Adventure; Bring Drawings to Life In Watercolor Paintings; Professional Advice on Painting With Pastel, Oil & Watercolor and much more!


On the Cover:
Turquoise Eyes (detail)
by Kenneth Cadwallader, 2009, oil on linen,
18 x 24. Collection the artist.

Maintain a Beginner’s Sense of Adventure


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Painting in Oil With Spontaneity and Insight
by Collin Fry
Michigan artist Kenneth Cadwallader seeks to reveal the individual character of his subjects through a fresh alla prima technique and by emphasizing the essentials—composition, values, edges, and color.

Maintain a Beginner’s Sense of Adventure
by M. Stephen Doherty
Madeleine Kelly had to postpone her art career while she earned a living, but now that she is a full-time artist, she remains open to exploring new materials and techniques, including painting pastels over textured acrylic paint. 

Watercolors as Drawings Brought to Life
by M. Stephen Doherty
In his personal work and architectural presentations, Thomas W. Schaller treats watercolor as an extension of the drawing process in that the painting medium brings vibrancy, energy, and expressiveness to 
accurate representations of what he observes.

Approaching Art With the Intensity of an Athelete
by  Linda S. Price
Oil painter Sonya Sklaroff considers herself an artistic athlete and works hard to keep her skills up by constantly drawing and painting. 

Control Means Freedom
by John A. Parks
Virginia artist Elizabeth Geiger understands that successful open brushwork and direct handling are the result of careful preparation.

The Challenges & Triumphs of Creating a Large-Scale Mural
by Allison Malafronte
California artist Ron DiCianni used his many years of experience as an illustrator and painter to imbue a recently completed mural with larger-than-life impact.


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