March 2010

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On the Cover:
The Painter (detail, reversed)
by Nancy Guzik, 1990, oil, 36 x 20.
Private collection.

Interpreting Reality Through Colored-Pencil

Finding Inspiration in a Diverse Range of
Master Artists


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Combine & Enhance Images in Acrylic Paintings
by M. Stephen Doherty
Misty Martin works from photographs in developing her detailed acrylic paintings, but she combines images and adjusts the intensity and balance of the colors to make stronger compositions and more interesting pictures.

Nancy Guzik: Finding an Authentic Voice in Today’s Art World
by Allison Malafronte
Through a lot of soul searching and introspection, this New Hampshire painter found her own unique artistic voice and uses her subject matter to shed light on the beauty all around us. 

Finding Inspiration in a Diverse Range of Master Artists
by Dean Dalfonzo
Michael Peery combines influences from a wide-ranging group of historical and contemporary artists to create small oil portraits that use scale, repetition, and chroma to make powerful, painterly impacts.

Interpreting Reality Through Colored-Pencil Paintings
by Alyona Nickelsen
By following an exacting but creative process, simple reference photographs can be transformed into beautiful still lifes. 

A Professional Portraitist Offers Her Best Advice
Interview by Allison Malafronte
In the span of seven years Michele Rushworth has gone from having little to no commission work to being one of the most reputable professional portraitists today. Here she offers readers advice on the steps she took to improve her skills, market her work, and increase visibility among important clients.

2010 Workshop & Art School Directory
Our annual compilation of domestic and foreign workshops and art schools.


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