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Yayoi Kusama. Photo by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

Let Yayoi Kusama Tell You a Bedtime Story

Children’s Book Features Famed Dots & Pumpkins Artist Yayoi Kusama is the beloved Japanese contemporary artist who turns humble dots and pumpkins into icons. She is also the subject of a soon-to-be-published children’s book. Kusama’s life and story (given a G-rated treatment) inspired Museum of Modern Art curator and author Sarah Suzuki to write Yayoi Kusama:…

Miles to Go by Elaine Lierly Jones, pastel landscape

2 Keys to Unlocking Your Momentum

Pastel Landscape Power! Engaging with my creativity is fun and yet can be stressful too! I set aside time and I am a big fan of the “creative burst,” in which I create a time-pressure situation to make a painting or do a series of sketches but if I don’t have a focus or a…

Sadie Valeri still life

Meeting Your Artistic Match

Sadie Valeri’s Virtuosic & Detailed Paintings Not too many years ago, San Francisco based artist Sadie Valeri was an aspiring figure painter stuck in a still life studio. She had a good deal of time on her hands to hone her painting and drawing skills, but her workspace was less than 100 square feet.  The…