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After operating a successful portrait studio (photography) for many years, my focus has shifted to painting. I still love photography but since moving to rural West Virginia a few years ago, I have more time to devote to painting. I try to paint every day and love the creative process it allows.

My art process is a combination of my experience with Photography and a love of the Traditional Arts.  I feel that being a Professional Photographer lends itself well to painting since I have an established eye for things visually appealing.


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Headin' Out

My love of sailboats is showing again! This one shows a man heading out for an afternoon of pleasure on the water.  12×16 oil on canvas, $250. plus shipping

Man in Hat

After a week of being unable to create anything (i think it's called painters block), I created this. So thankful to be painting again. Man in Hat-8×8 Oil on canvas-$99. plus shipping

Golden Tranquility

This original oil painting is 12"x12" on canvas. At $195. plus shipping it is a steal! a must for the water lover, this painting brings joy and color to any decor. Thanks for considering my art for your collection!

Apple Blossoms

After the snow melted this week, I was inspired to created something with a spring reference and as I approached the canvas, Apple Blossoms came out. Hope you enjoy it. 9×12 Oils on 1.5in. Gallery Wrapped canvas. $179 plus shipping

The Rocking Horse

I had the hardest time coming  up with a title for this painting and finally settled on the rocking horse since it's my favorite element in the piece. 12×25 oil on canvas $325. plus shipping.