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My paintings are my attempt to reflect His canvas


Dragonfly by Sharon Repple 11″ x 14″ acrylic. My newest painting for 2016. Hope you enjoy. Website:

Lilies Among the Reeds

“Lilies Among the Reeds” was selected as a Finalist in the October 2015 BoldBrush Contest “Lilies Among the Reeds” Awarded one of the Top Ten Awards at the 10th Annual International Society of Acrylic Painters Judge Jean Pederson

Peacock at Dawn

“Peacock at Dawn” by Sharon Repple 24″ x 18″ I’m working on a number of paintings for a show coming next April 2016 at Lake Eustis Museum of Art. The show will feature work by myself and potter Martin Cushman and is named The Painter v The Potter. One of our subjects will be peacocks,…

Across the Marsh by Sharon Repple

Across the Marsh by Sharon Repple 20″ x 20″ acrylic painting. I love watching the storms roll across the marshes of coastal Florida. Did you now that Florida is the Lightning Capital of the United States?    

Bourlay Cracker House

Bourlay Cracker House by Sharon Repple  8" x 10" acrylic  Bourlay Historic Nature Park in Leesburg, FL   I changed a few things and of course added the sleeping dog under the porch. Every country home needs a dog sleeping in the cool dirt under the porch.

Silver River Kayak

I'm so excited to show you my newest painting, "Silver River Kayak" which measures 24" by 36" and is one of the largest painting that I have painted. This painting shows the kayak launch at Silver River State Park in Silver Springs, Florida, one mile south of SR 40 on CR 35 east of Ocala,…

Squirrel Love

Happy Valentines Day! This little painting reminded me of love. "Squirrel Love" by Sharon Repple 9" x 12"

Golden Marsh

While I was staying inside and nursing a cold, I thought I would paint scenes I love. "Golden Marsh" by Sharon Repple 12" x 24" I think I made good use of my time. Can't wait for you to see the other painting I'm working on.

New Day

"New Day" is my newest painting. It is 7" x 14"    Small but brings back so many memories of visits to my sister in Georgia south of where we grew up in Macon. Hope it brings back memories for you too.