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Modern Man

(Oil on Canvas) The Modern man "is so occupied in makingmoney that he is separated from things thatnaturally belong together. In his quest for money, he has sold his most precious asset-time.The “Modern Man” leads a regimented life,working like a machine clock to clock andfails to do things that he once enjoyed.

Plurality of Identity

(Oil and Acrylics on Canvas)"Despite our diverse diversities, the world is suddenly seen not as a collection of people, but as a federation of religions and civilizations". "A strong and exclusive sense of belonging to one group can in many cases carry with it the perception of distance and divergence from other groups."-Amartya Sen It…

Chasing the Dragon

(Acrylics on Paper)"Chasing the Dragon” has been metaphorically used to show India’s relentless attempt to catch up with China.. The metaphorical meaning of the term alludes to the feeling that ingestion of drugs like heroine, morphine etc results in nirvana that seems and feels imminent and conclusive, yet upon consumption never quite yields the promised…