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Nina grew up in the family involved in arts and design, which certainly had an influence on developing understanding, appreciation, creativity and love for fine arts. She has been painting in watercolor and sculpting since elementary. After the first workshop in oil painting in 2010, Nina has been painting in oils, exhibiting her work, participating in juried shows and contests . Her work varies from painting to painting, from contemporary to classic chiaroscuro style. Nina is Award Winning Artist and her artwork is in private collections worldwide. website : blog: Daily Paint WorksFASO - FineArtStudioOnlineFine Art AmericaOil Painters of AmericaArtist DailyArt League    


Oil Painting: Still Life with a bunch of Carrots. Painted alla prima on canvas panel 6″x6″x1/8″

Fall Anjou Pears. Watercolor

I’ve been thinking about returning to watercolor for quite some time now.  Working strictly with oils for the past few years made the come back to watercolor so exciting and yet so challenging :)! Constantly reminding myself that I am painting in watercolor, not oils. that I need to slow down and wait until the…

Lilacs and Diary in Purple

I guess I was in the "purple mood"  here 🙂 but the color combination worked so fine with the idea of the painting that I didn't want to change anything about the composition. I painted alla prima on canvas panel 6×8 inches and it took me approx. 3.5 to bring it to the finale. Thank you for viewing and have…

Pumpkin and Blue Flowers

I decided to continue painting the little pumpkin and this time I set up this composition with blue flowers in chiaroscuro style. I so much adore mini pumpkins, the color, shape and texture are so beautiful. combination of orange and blue are also seem to work wonderful. This painting is my third one this week…