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I  belong to an  art since i was a young girl.I have done few courses of an art from the reputed schools in Karachi. Textile Designer by profession and have a very long experienced in a particular field. But sketching and drawing is my first love. I enjoy painting still life and portraits.

I found sketching  the way to express my sensitive emotions from the tip of pencil and brush, and  to enhanced the value of social thoughts and feelings of surroundings around me. My father was the great admirer of my skills and very found of my paints he was the first person who always appreciates whether i paint something immature. He the first human being for whom i dedicate  all of my work.Although he is not with me but i am sure he is watching from heaven and smiling.  I LOVE YOU BABA......       

I want to share some of my drawings at this site. I am  pleased to be the member of this community to make Artist  friends