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Hello. I am Razif from Malaysia. My age, 51. I am a full time artist and i do realism (trying my very best). Well, that's about all i could say for now about myself. Do wish that i could get as many friends here. Maybe could help me to improved my work, exchange ideas and opinions. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks

That 'Things' in Me

This is a painting that i have been thinking of for years to produce. And at last, i manage to do it after gaining the experience and understanding what art is all about. Frankly, this is all about me, the desire, the passion, the difficulties, the patience, the long hours and the commitment. that i…

Landscape in black and white

Firstly, i would like to apologise to the owner of this image for not asking the permission to sketch it. I got it through the website. Just eager to draw it. Nothing more than that. And again sorry and regrets for any inconvenience caused. Thank you