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I graduated with a degree in secondary art education. Taught a few years, had children, loved the creativity of the young, got certified for early childhood and worked in the field for 30 years as well as teaching art in elementary school. Loved all the experiences but am thrilled to get back to my first love, painting. Yeah!  I am inspired by light inter playing with nature and figures. As I am painting I am drawn into the scene and its story. It is my desire to share a moment of time that reflects God' glorious creation. I welcome lots of feedback. Tell me where I need to grow. I am having the time of my life. 

Feather Castle, acrylic painting, 12×16

The 4 th in my series of beach scenes. These are my grandchildren AshLynne wanted to help her brother build his castle but he refused since it definitely wasn’t a castle but a fort. Lol. Thus the title “Fearher Castle” I really struggled with flesh tone this time. I don’t know how many times I…

It’s A Baby Crab!

This was so cute to observe. My grandchild Ashlynne was amazed that she was holding a crab. Of course, it had shed its shell so there was no harm. Her brother came up and wanted to know what it was. That’s when she exclaimed, ” It’s a baby Crab!” I am so drawn to the…

Lone Water Lilly

acrylic painting , 12×16, photo reference PMP by Caroline Asley i fell in love with her photo and just had to paint it. It seemed to be celebrating new life as only God can present to us.

Sun Breaking

i am working on using more saturated colors. I originally did this on an overcast day and decided to be brave and pop up the color. Still learning but on this one I really like the purple and yellows. Keep on painting!

Getting Some Sun

just finished this up today. But I may add some water detail up front. I just love Pelicans. They seem so majestic to me.  This is acrylic on wrapped canvas. 16×20  

I'll Go Get Mom!

this was such a joy to paint. I went to the beach last week and took dozens of pictures. When I viewed this one I couldn't believe what I caught. It reminds me so when my children were little. The young girl in the middle is stuck in the wet sand. It looks like the…

Suns Breaking Through

this is the 5th in my fishermen series. Just finished this morning. It is my brother getting his bait ready to fish. We fished between the rain and were greatful for this break in the clouds. C&C welcome. Happy painting!

We'll Have To Put This One Back Dad

another one. Lol. This one has been a little frustrating because there is a drop off to the water so you don't see the waters edge. I tried to show that by placing a fishing pole more forward in the drop, but don't know if it was successful. Any ideas? keep on painting. oh and…

Last Man Fishing

here is another one in my fishing series. The lone fisherman, I've been there many times thinking I'll probably get a bite soon. I do love fishing and was lucky to go this past week with my brother, visiting from Maryland. We were lucky to catch blue fish, whiting and a shark! We kept the…