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jacabo is a new original surreal oil painter who exhibits unique ground breaking talents in the modern art world. See more details at


Winged Cooties

Oil Painting Winged Cooties is my third painting in the, “Sea Monsters” surreal collection; which will be, hopefully, on exhibit next year. It took me a while to paint, only because of it’s a very difficult composition. This piece is very reminiscent of a very large anchor piece I did several years back for my…


Missile Toad

Oil Painting What can I say about Missile Toad other than it’s one of my crown surrealistic achievements. I’ve pushed surrealism beyond the outer edges of the past in to a much more entertaining and whimsical present. This oil is on canvas is 22 in. x 28 in. I’ve tried to use all of the…


Strange Land

Drawing / Sketch Strange Land is one of my more complex surreal drawings yet. It’s 12×18 Charcoal, pencil & conte on charcoal paper. It includes my favorite elements birds, water and creatures. I try to combine these elements to fill the viewer’s eyes with contradictions and feelings of being trapped into a complex world. jacabo…