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jacabo is a new original surreal oil painter who exhibits unique ground breaking talents in the modern art world. See more details at


False Face

Oil painting — False Face is a refreshing look at a new style of painting for me. In this series I wanted to capture the “old” along with the “surreal”. This 18 in. x 24 in. oil on canvas is one of my favorite paintings I did from “Your Pretty Face” collection. I think what…


Water Nymph

Oil Painting Water Nymph is only 20 in. X 16 in. oil on canvas painting. Here I continue my desire to experiment with my Whimsically Bizarre Surrealistic theory. The images are simply and I’ve pulled back on the heavy use of color in order to blend the hidden images better. One challenge here I must…


Watering Hole

Drawing / Sketch Well – what about Watering Hole? I like it (12 in. x 18 in., charcoal, pencil & conte on charcoal paper). Everyday brings new and unusual images to light. Enjoy it first for what it is, then look for what is hidden. Maybe you might “envision” something different then what I do?…


Prima Ballerina

Drawing / Sketch Prima Ballerina is one of my early surrealistic drawings. It’s 14 in. X 17 in. I used charcoal, pencil and conte on charcoal paper. I began to develop my theory of the Whimsically Bizarre; combining strange replacements for body parts but carefully creating an artistic feel rather than an illustrative one. jacabo…


Fish Fry

Drawing / Sketch 24 in. X 18 in. Charcoal, pencil, and conte. I want to point out the over fishing going on in many areas of the world! This surreal drawing draws on my concept of “Whimsically Bizarre” Surrealism. I try to bring together different objects in order to provoke confusing and awake the viewer’s…


Earth Hug

Drawing / Sketch Earth Hug is a 17 in. x 11 in. charcoal, pencil and conte drawing on charcoal paper. It is one of my early environmental drawings; I started my drawings in order give my self a break from the exhausting plunge in to oils. Save Save Save


Seasons Pass

Drawing / Sketch A charcoal, pencil and conte drawing on charcoal paper approx 18 in. x 24 in. This depicts different stages of life and the many roads taken. I like to redefine lines as solid shapes. I’m also interested in evoking a surreal presence, yet familiar enough visuals to confuse the eye and mind.…


Winged Cooties

Oil Painting Winged Cooties is my third painting in the, “Sea Monsters” surreal collection; which will be, hopefully, on exhibit next year. It took me a while to paint, only because of it’s a very difficult composition. This piece is very reminiscent of a very large anchor piece I did several years back for my…


Missile Toad

Oil Painting What can I say about Missile Toad other than it’s one of my crown surrealistic achievements. I’ve pushed surrealism beyond the outer edges of the past in to a much more entertaining and whimsical present. This oil is on canvas is 22 in. x 28 in. I’ve tried to use all of the…


Strange Land

Drawing / Sketch Strange Land is one of my more complex surreal drawings yet. It’s 12×18 Charcoal, pencil & conte on charcoal paper. It includes my favorite elements birds, water and creatures. I try to combine these elements to fill the viewer’s eyes with contradictions and feelings of being trapped into a complex world. jacabo…