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Manderin duck

Hi All, Here is my rendition of the nice picture from ChrissyM  at paint my photo site. here is the ref photo watercolor on 140 paper, A4 size regards don

Canada Goose

HI All, Here is my rendition of a photo from 'paint my picture' by Carrie Layne Mashon. here    Canada Goose – Paint My Photo   watercolor on 140 paper, A4 size

Shuttle…… :)

Hi All here is my effort taken from the picture…'Practice Flight'   on paint my photo…link below   water color on 140 paper, A4 size   regards pon

The Mooring

watercolor, on 140 paper 24x 16 inches from this picture     🙂 at paint my photo   don uk  

Pygmy Marmaset

Hi people, one out of my Wild life series I am working on. watercolor on 140  paper A4 size the back ground was meant to represent  nature, as in sun , trees and sky/water….but I'm thinking maybe it does not work with this painting subject …….. you may feel differently 🙂

Padstow Lifeboat.

140 paper, water color. here is an impression of Padstow lifeboat using one of their pictures as an idea……. to see the 'real thing' go here  ……… It is a 'Tamar class' lifeboat…. SPIRIT OF PADSTOW…. manned as usual by a 'completely volunteer crew' and maintained by donations   regards don