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I am a predominately watercolor painter. I have painted many years intermittently. It is something that I love and something that I can lose myself in. My kids are now grown and I feel like maybe now I can go a little further with it. I am really enjoying the gallery. I am excited to see the work that people are doing. There are so many talented artists in this world and I feel enriched to share the creativity that opens itself up to me every time I visit. Thank you all for sharing! (R.H.G.A)

As The Crow Flies

I was trying to do something a little out of the ordinary for me, think a little out of the box. This is me painting out of the box…(baby steps:)

Rosepepper’s Smile

This is painting of a hostess at a restaurant who I thought had the most beautiful smile. I was hesitant to ask if I could take her picture but my daughter told her that I was an artist and that I would like to paint her picture. She was so delighted to be told that…

The Boy

This is a painting of a little boy who was in a crowd watching some street performers. I was really taken by his expression and chose to paint him at a recent portraiture class. I've been trying to improve my drawing skills by taking lots of classes. I was pleased with how this came out.

Abandoned Farmhouse

This is a lovely little farmhouse in the Beaver Valley. Every time I pass it I wonder about the people that lived within its walls. abandoned farms always look so isolated… Not the best image, took it with my cell phone at the framers..