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hi im Darlee, I'm from the Philippines and happily married to a dutch man.. I am a self taught artist. i always dream to be a professional artist. I already finished my bachelors degree in international relations which i dont have the passion with it. I was already in love with arts since i was 5, There were several artworkshops in my hometown during that time, but my parents dont have the funds to let me join it, so what i always do is to secretly watch them through the window and bring my own paper and pencil. It was a heartbreaking somehow looking at those other kids having nice set of colors, but that made me love art more. It was never easy for me with my journey in art, when i was college i sometimes skip food just to save money for me to buy my own sketch pad and pencils, and i do it secretly without my parents knowing it, before it comes a discussion, because my mom says its a waste of money.. hehe.. And as time goes by i finally made my parents understand me, and now i have their full support and praise in my works. all the trials and disappointments that i have been through with arts made me more stronger and love it even more. currently since i dont have the funds to take a degree in arts, i am taking all the chance to practice to create more colorful artworks. and hopefully time will come it will be my proffession. . 

Two Faces of Beauty

two portaits in 12"x18" Soft Pastels and charcoal   This artwork was requested by my client. and i got this inpiration from The Vampire Diaries of Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert, who showed beaty in a lovely and dark way. . I hope you like it guys.

The Hidden Tulip Garden

I always have a tulips obession… taken from my imagination, but im pretty sure such place exist in Holland.. I hope you like it guys..

Mirusia Louwerse

everytime she sings she always do it with passion, and i love her so much. She is an Australian. I took a snapshot on my computer shile shes singing ang i got this. I listened to her singing for straight 5 hours while im making her portrait. . 

The Living Music Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu is a world famous musician, who brings classical music into fame, His life is music. Andre's Music gives color to my day, i always start my day listening to his orchestra, and before i sleep.. i always play it while im painting. My husband and I are big fan.. I proudly present this…

Pink in Bloem

I grew up with flowers surrounding me, my mother and my nanny has a green thumb so that makes our garden full of colors. I love flowers as much as my mom and nanny loves it. everytime i paint or draw flowers, i always think of them..