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  Courtney is the editor of Artist Daily. For her, art is one of life’s essentials and a career mainstay. She’s pursued academic studies of the Old Masters of Spain and Italy as well as museum curatorial experience, writing and reporting on arts and culture as a magazine staffer, and acquiring and editing architecture and cultural history books. She hopes to recommit herself to more studio time, too, working in mixed media.   

Pastel drawings: Canyon Moonrise by Denise LaRue Mahlke

Two Ways, One Result: A Beautiful Pastel

Choose Your Adventure: Two Ways of Underpainting for Pastel Drawings It is always exciting to see how artists work differently within the bounds of a single medium or genre. As a wannabe artist, I know there is a takeaway worth learning in both scenarios, but I also stand the chance of discovering a way of…


Photograph Your Art Like a Pro

Insights from Behind the Camera and Turning Photos Into Paintings Our contributing writers John Hulsey and Ann Trusty of The Artist’s Road wrote a really informative piece about how to get the most out of a photograph of your painting or drawing, and I wanted to share it with you–plus an opportunity to put your…

For watercolor artists: My Perspective by Catherine Hollis, watercolor painting.

Don’t Limit Your Potential, Watercolor Artists

10 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Paints & Supplies Right Now Watercolor artists often limit their potential by not taking full advantage of their paints and supplies. There is so much conflicting information and advice available to watercolor painting artists that it is often difficult for them to know the best way to achieve…

Geometry inside and out -- do you see the gleam inside? -- from Leonoff Art Glass

Steal These 4 Design Inspirations

How to Get Your Art Noticed? Be part of the conversation, painters. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Architectural Digest Design Show, and it was intriguing and satisfying to see so many things that painters hold dear are making a big impact in the design world. So if you are struggling with how…