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  Courtney is the editor of Artist Daily. For her, art is one of life’s essentials and a career mainstay. She’s pursued academic studies of the Old Masters of Spain and Italy as well as museum curatorial experience, writing and reporting on arts and culture as a magazine staffer, and acquiring and editing architecture and cultural history books. She hopes to recommit herself to more studio time, too, working in mixed media.   

Portrait drawing of the Postman by Vincent Van Gogh.

Did He Have a Lust for Line?

Portrait Drawing & Vincent Van Gogh There are a few artists that I wouldn’t like to watch working. It is always addictive to see someone drawing in a sketchbook or painting in the studio. But after seeing what Van Gogh could do with simple line to create a portrait drawing, I would definitely put him…


Landscape Painting Essentials: How to Paint Trees

Painting Trees Means Knowing Their Anatomy We often think of trees in a very human way—that they have personalities and traits that distinguish them from all the rest. Their symbolism can be powerful and moving, and they are definitely a landscape painting essential. To better understand their structure and how to paint them realistically in…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's good, bad, and ugly issues.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Don’t Plan Your Next Trip to the Met Without Reading This First The forced resignation of museum director Thomas Campbell. A fiscal deficit as high as $40 million. Six-figure executive bonuses amidst a churn of austerity buy-outs and layoffs. The numbers and their implications have certainly frenzied art world insiders over the past several weeks,…

Floral painting: White Roses in a Vase 1906 Victoria Dubourg Fantin-Latour, floral painting.

5 Unique Ways to Make a Floral Painting

So Many Ways of Painting Flowers! Spring is in the air and that means a return to one of our favorite subject matters–floral painting. When I started writing I thought I might have trouble settling on just five unique looks for painting flowers–and I was right. That’s because every artist paints flowers differently. Whether in…


Spring’s Hottest Art Trends

Radiant Painting Supplies, Toned Paper, Fancy Lettering and…Gelato? Every season we scour the painting and drawing scene–from new painting supplies on the market to what’s showcased at Art Materials World to what artists can’t stop talking to us about–for the hottest, most innovative trends that will most likely be arriving at an easel near you.…

Is being an artist just about art techniques or is it something altogether different?

What It Means to Be an Artist

Is It Just About Art Techniques or Something More? I know I don’t have to explain it to all of you, but when I am in situations with people who aren’t as passionate about art I find myself trying to explain and justify my commitment—to painting, drawing, sculpture, and all the art techniques that go…

Painting artist: 10 Ways to Spot an Artist

10 Ways to Tell You Are a Painter

How to Spot a Painting Artist Painters, no matter what they paint, are united in a love for creating. Painting makes our days better and gives us an incredible outlet for capturing the way we see the world. There are definitely tell-tale signs that mark us as painters, too. Here are ten ways to tell…

Plein air art: Depictions of "controlled nature" were a hallmark of Monet's style.

The Romance for Impressionism Is Overrated

Plein Air Art Strategies of Monet & More I used to think so romantically about Monet, Pissarro, and the other Impressionists. Not romantic like Manet is so dreamy; romantic as in idealizing this particular group of painters—thinking they stepped outside of their studios and, snap, Impressionism just happened. Veneration can sometimes blind the mind’s eye…

Artist Vic Hollins calligraphies one of her favorite words for the napkin doodle challenge at Art Materials World.

Napkin Doodling at Art Materials World

Sketching on an Everyday Surface with Incredible Results You use a napkin and you throw it away. It’s disposable, flimsy, forgettable, but practically every artist I know can’t resist sketching or doodling on a napkin if given half a chance. It’s wrapped up in nostalgia, fun, play, and just how any surface can become an…

Black Gothic by Kadir Nelson.

The Art of Kadir Nelson

Masterful Figure Paintings from One of Today’s Top Artists I can and have spent hours studying the work of Kadir Nelson. He makes it easy. His figure paintings combine history, expressionism, power, and technical ability. Like many contemporary artists today, he has a background in illustration–blending commercial, cultural, and personal interests in all the pieces…

Frank Weitzman, artist

Shrink Your Painting–Does It Still Work?

What Makes Small Canvas Paintings Loom Large? I don’t mean literally shrink it, though small canvas paintings are proving more and more popular these days, but if you take a photo of your painting and reduce it to the size of a thumbnail and it still holds together compositionally, you’ve got a good piece on…