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  Courtney is the editor of Artist Daily. For her, art is one of life’s essentials and a career mainstay. She’s pursued academic studies of the Old Masters of Spain and Italy as well as museum curatorial experience, writing and reporting on arts and culture as a magazine staffer, and acquiring and editing architecture and cultural history books. She hopes to recommit herself to more studio time, too, working in mixed media.   

Landscape painting: Fifth Avenue at Twilight by Lowell Birge Harrison.

Your Best Landscape Painting Experience

With winter around the corner, I’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors, going hiking and reading in the sun, walking from place to place when I do my errands in the evenings, and just finding every excuse for an outdoor excursion, day and night. Landscape painting is another perk of the season. There’s…

Watercolor painting techniques. Painting by Tim Saternow.

These 3 Techniques Got Me Out of First Gear

The Next Level in Watercolor Painting Techniques At least I feel that way. I set myself a goal this week—I wanted to learn a few new watercolor painting techniques because I feel like when I contemplate working in watercolor, I only know the “first gear” approaches. Watercolor Painting Tips 1-2-3 In order to rev it…


That Painting Just Said Eat Me!

We celebrate leftovers in my house—and pretty much all other activities that result in eating. So I thought, why mess with family tradition? I’m devoting today’s column to one subject matter I rarely cover in my work: food! But it isn’t just any painting of a donut or orange that catches my eye. (Okay, the…

How to oil paint: Al Gury's alla prima oil paintings appear more complex than the actually are, due to his skillful economy of brushstrokes.

Create a Painting on Your First Try

How to Oil Paint in One Sitting I love saying the phrase ‘alla prima’ but it’s way harder to actually paint that way! Direct or alla prima painting is all about how to oil paint in the moment, in one go. Easy and freeing, right? But I’m a planner by nature! If I didn’t overthink,…


What If You Only Had Four Colors?

Color Wheel Redux The idea gives me chills. For me, painting is all about color schemes and giving the color wheel a workout. It is the kaleidoscopic chroma that draws me in, and I usually spend more time entranced by the colors I’ve mixed on my palette than actually applying paint to my surface. When…


I Need a GPS for Drawing Faces

Drawing faces is a little like reading a map. And no, not the cool Indiana Jones map where the red line draws itself to the destination and ‘X’ marks the spot. I wish! It is more that when learning how to draw people, there are a few “signposts” on the face and rules of thumb…

Washington National by John Salminen, watercolor painting.

Exclusive Interview with John Salminen!

Watercolor Artist John Salminen: Art & Advice Every time I look at John Salminen’s work I simply get happy. I spend minutes studying each painting–taking in the colors, the compositions, the narratives, the forms–and this visual absorption just buoys up my spirits. Thanks to our guest blogger Paul Sullivan for this exclusive interview with John.…

Dwight Tryon painting of moon

Watch for the Supermoon

How to Paint Nocturnes A few days from now on Monday, November 14, a supermoon will ascend into the night sky, the second of three supermoons that will appear before the end of the year. (Click here for the Skywatching calendar from National Geographic.) A supermoon comes about when the moon swoops closest to the…

Carnations flowing in a loose watercolor with exciting watermarks and color effects evident within the composition.

Afraid of the Dark?

Embrace the Darkest Darks in Watercolor Painting Enjoy this special edition watercolor painting blog from artist and instructor Jean Haines, discussing how to embrace the darkest of darks in your watermedia work without getting overwhelmed. Enjoy!     ***** I have just taken a week of watercolor painting workshops and I came across a problem…


JK Rowling’s Drawings of Harry Potter

JK Rowling Drawings Could Fetch $600,000 at Auction Just a few days ago, it was revealed that a JK Rowling hand-illustrated book of The Tales of Beedle the Bard will go to auction at Sotheby’s. It will likely bring in $600,000. See that story here. What I’m most intrigued about isn’t the price tag of…

Bird painting: Il Barbagianni The Owl by Valentine Cameron Prinsep, oil on canvas, 1863.

A Fling. A Convocation. A Congress. A Cast.

So Many Types of Bird Painting There is nothing I love more than geeking out on a painting theme and then going on a visual treasure hunt for works that feature “sleeping people” or “weird masks” or “galloping horses.” Geeky, right? My latest search has been an exploration of all that is bird painting. I…

Birge Harrison: Winter landscape painting

What You Really Want in a Winter Landscape Painting

Snowy & Colorful Landscape Painting Around this time of year we are inundated with wintry scenes and beautiful snowy landscapes–on greeting cards, products, advertisements, calendars and more. But these winter landscapes aren’t necessarily all created equal, and the same goes for the fine art paintings of the same subject. One of the most important elements…