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I flunked 8th grade art class so figured art wasn't my cup of tea. Then later in life I was "forced" to take private oil painting lessons, which I did for less than a year, and loved it. I took a drastic u-turn and found myself smack dab in the middle of sculpting that catapulted me into a very long successful career. I also did illustrations for concept development teams through the years as well. I now find myself yearning to be back on canvas, so I've started painting again just to get a portfolio together and to find my niche. Other than those few months of private lessons years ago (landscapes only), I too am self taught. I paint what I feel, and read about different techniques for additional inspiration.


The Cypher by Cindy M. McClure 2014 Alla Prima Oil on Canvas 40" x 30"   Cypher; a person or thing of no importance, a nonentity…………just another body in the crowd of many bodies.   While gathering the objects for this still life painting, I walked passed my gallery of dolls and paused. I have…


  "No Regrets" 48" X 60" Mixed Media on Canvas May 28, 2012 by Cindy M. McClure   My life often times appears to be messy and complicated very much like this painting. However when you begin to understand the way I think, and look a little closer, you'll see more clearly that everything I…


"PICK ME" was painted from a photograph that I took while visiting friends in Arizona. It was in the early morning just as the sun was rising and the light was hitting the top of this young orange tree. This is a large 38" x 48" gallery wrapped canvas. Painted with heavy acrylics and gels for vivid texture.

The Ballet Rose

The Ballet Rose by Cindy M. McClure. This painting is a combination of acrylic and oils and measures 36" x 48". Inspired by a group of little performers receiving their certificates and roses at the end of a recital. The child shielding the bright lights from her eyes was making sure that Mommy was looking at her after…


A mixed media painting by Cindy M. McClure consisting of heavy molded textures using paper mache, sculpty, and a variety of other products. Painted with acrylics and oils. I painted briefly (less than a year) about 30 years ago before becoming a full time sculptor and Illustrator. I am happy to back on canvas!