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Acrylic Artist

Acrylic Artist Magazine Subscribe today to get step-by-step demonstrations, creative painting ideas and easy-to-follow advice from the world’s best acrylic artists. … Plus, you get two FREE gifts with your paid order!Save 33% & Get 2 Free Gifts! Using Our Secure Server     Share the Inspiration. From flinging, spattering and pouring paint to adding texture…



We are looking for excellence in acrylic painting in a variety of styles and subjects. If selected, you will be asked to write about your painting — your creative or technical process, materials and/or artistic inspiration. The dominant medium must be acrylic, but some minor use of other media may be acceptable.


Austin Williams

Austin is the editor of Drawing magazine. His interests include a number of artistic subjects, in particular contemporary drawing, and he is also a lover of literature and movies.  His favorite artists include Durer, Guercino, Degas, Menzel, Cezanne, and Blakelock. His favorite book about art is Michael Frayn’s Headlong, and his favorite movie about art…


Brian Riley

Brian Riley is the managing editor for Drawing magazine. He first became interested in art as a child, specifically drawing, but drifted away from the visual arts as he grew older, gravitating towards writing while in college. His position has offered him the opportunity to reinvigorate his early passion and continue his education.


Courtney Jordan

Courtney Jordan is the editor of Artist Daily. For her, art is one of life’s essentials and a career mainstay. She’s pursued academic studies of the Old Masters of Spain and Italy as well as museum curatorial experience, writing and reporting on arts and culture as a magazine staffer, and acquiring and editing architecture and…



Shen loves making the flat surface come to life and adding color to a world often seen only in shades of gray.  A professional artist and entrepreneur for over 25 years, she lives to discover new techniques, mix media, and make difficult concepts simple!  You will often find her painting live at events of all…


Jennifer King

Immersed in the art world is just where Jennifer King wants to be. Thanks to her long career in the art-instruction business–she was the editor of several leading artists’ magazines–she has had incredible opportunities to meet and interview many of the finest living artists of our times. Jennifer paints primarily outdoors, but also in her…

drawing the foot

The Foot: Figure Drawing

The foot, together with the hand and face are considered to be one of the hardest areas of the human body to depict in a figure drawing. In the case of the foot it is the number of “moving parts” that make it appear to be difficult to draw. However, your figure sketch will come together as…

drawing the lower leg

Lower Leg: Figure Drawing

The Lower Leg: Figure Drawing This is the free 13 minutes long version of the 1hour 09 minutes long video lecture on lower leg figure drawing. The lower leg is fairly simple to conceive as a cylinder with various widths along its length. Part of the lecture focuses on muscles and muscle groups which, if massed…