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For watercolor artists: My Perspective by Catherine Hollis, watercolor painting.

Don’t Limit Your Potential, Watercolor Artists

10 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Paints & Supplies Right Now Watercolor artists often limit their potential by not taking full advantage of their paints and supplies. There is so much conflicting information and advice available to watercolor painting artists that it is often difficult for them to know the best way to achieve…


The Blind Contour Exercise — Good Drawings Start Here

Beginner Drawings — Start with a Simple Line The Blind Contour drawing exercise is a fundamental tool that can help artists create their first beginner drawings as well as experienced artists learn to reacquaint themselves with the power of observation. Popularized by Kimon Nicolaïdes in his 1941 book The Natural Way to Draw: A Working…


Beginners: The Basics of Watercolor Paints, Part II

by Christopher Willard Flower Farm 1998, watercolor, 14 x 11. Collection Mr. and Mrs. Egeland. Selecting a palette of colors often means limiting the choices, making studies, and experimenting along the way. One of the keys to successful watercolor painting is to choose a workable set of colors. Today, with the wide range of watercolors…


Masters: Rembrandt’s Shorthand Drawing Style

The greatest of Dutch masters used a rapid, abbreviated technique in drawing to record visual impressions from the world around him and his own cornucopian imagination, foreshadowing developments in modern art more than two centuries later. by Joseph C. Skrapits The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds ca. 1634, etching with burin drypoint tint in black…


Beginner Oil: Oil Painting Materials: The Basics

Oil Painting Techniques for Beginners Pigments and mediums Oil paint is pigment suspended in oil, usually linseed oil. Painters thin oil paints by adding either more oil or a solvent, such as turpentine–or a mixture of both. In addition to linseed, artists use walnut, poppy seed, and safflower oils when painting. Each has its merits,…


Drawing Basics: When It Hurts to Draw

Drawing can cause a repetitive strain injury (RSI), but with a few precautions and the right equipment, this risk can be minimized. by Edith Zimmerman Drawing is not usually thought of as a high-risk occupation. Calluses, dirty fingernails, stained clothes, and the occasional paper cut are usually the worst that can happen. But for many…


The Colorist

“It has nothing to do with thinking, it has only to do with feeling.” Artist Eva Deustch Costabel has been using color to express her emotions for over 60 years. A classically trained painter from Zagreb turned Abstract Expressionist provocateur under the tutelage of Franz Kline, Eva continues to create work from her studio in…

500 years of women in art

500 Years of Female Portrait Painting in Art

Philip Scott Johnson took portrait painting depictions of women spanning 500 years of Western art and assembled them into this incredible animation video. It makes you realize how many amazing portrait artists are out there and how beautiful and powerful their work is–and has been–for centuries. Enjoy! Click here for a complete list of artists…

bob ross

Bob Ross–Remixed

Bob Ross was known for his painting workshop television show, Joy of Painting, in which he delivered step by step painting instruction in a soft-spoken and incredibly supportive manner. Here’s a remix of a video, Happy Painter, recently put out by PBS. Enjoy!