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These digital reproductions of my paintings don't do them justice!

Pondering His People

12" x 16" oil on panel. I completed this about two years ago and gave it away after thoroughly dry and clear coated. I haven't seen it for over a year. When I did look at it recently I thought it read well. Except instantly I saw what a poor job I did rendering the…


9" x 12" oil on panel. This painting just came together with no particular plan or ideas.


30" x 24" oil on canvas. This was going to be an exact replica of the classic prancing horse that many people, including myself wish they had. But somehow I grabbed a gear, zigged and zagged and ended up with this little gem.

Sick And Sorrow

22" x 28" oil on panel. This scene popped into my head while reading one of Charles Dickens' novels. I can't think which one at this time. No preliminary drawings or studies. I just start adding color, designing what's in my mind. The background is actually a solid dark field, but the camera decided to…