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Head as home by Melanie Vote

The Artist Watch List

Around this time of year I like to look back on the last twelve months and find artists who are established or up and coming, and deserve recognition. I do this to remind myself that despite all the stress–of life, family, work, and in the daily grind–there are spectacularly inspiring artworks being created every day,…


Santa, Here’s My Art Wish List

My dad is a little manic about asking our family to get our holiday wish lists to him waaaaaaay before he has to fight the crowds and wait in long lines. As usual, I’m procrastinating, but if I were to give him my art wish list, I could have it ready and waiting for him…


Are You Using This Critical Painting Technique?

The process of underpainting has such a buttoned-up reputation as an oil painting technique. If it were cast in a movie, it would be the uptight, by-the-book stickler that no one wants to hangout with. That’s because the process of underpainting is often associated with a belabored, rigid series of steps that delays us from…


A Models Pose: It Needs to Come Naturally

Artist Quang Ho seeks out a natural, effortless pose with his portrait painting models. Photos by Manuel Rodriguez. I’m a lounger by nature. Why stand when I can sit? Why sit when I can curl up on the nearest comfy couch? This has made my posture the bane of my grandmother’s existence, but it has…


Got Five Minutes? Got a Drawing.

This five-minute drawing of a turpentine pot could benefit from a larger range of values. All work from students of Sigmund Abeles. You know how life can sometimes speed by and at other times crawl along at a snail’s pace? Well, drawing is that way too. There are pencil drawing techniques that are incredibly labor…


Finding the Tools to Create More

 “Tell the superhero inside you to come out and play.” Wacom’s Create More online outreach program features a group of artists from different disciplines and geographical locations to celebrate creativity in all of its forms. Ben Von Wong, a photographer and visual engineer hailing from Montreal, Canada, was a natural choice to be one of…


I Will Astonish Paris with an Apple

Still Life with Apples by Paul Cezanne, 1879. That’s a bold statement—even from Paul Cézanne—but the artist was true to his word. He set out to reinvigorate painting and he did just that. The French artist became the conduit between the Impressionist past and the Modernist future that was fully ushered in by the likes…

Self-Portrait by Ben Fenske, 2010.

Pose for Yourself

In one of her blogs on Artist Daily, Marion Boddy-Evans observed that it is a good idea for portraiture artists who are trying to achieve a sense of naturalness in their work to pose for themselves. When I read this, I felt like I had been poleaxed…not that I really know what that means. But…

Fortitude by Amy Cutler, 2009
Gouache on paper
23 ⅛ x 15 inches

It Is Never a Matter of Bad Ideas

I don’t think the failure or success of a drawing has to do with the drawing ideas that the artist starts with. He or she could choose pretty much anything and make a go of it, don’t you think? It also doesn’t depend on whether the artist chooses to create easy drawings or ones that…


The Life of the Mind

Do you ever lose yourself in creating pencil sketches and discover, when you “wake up,” that you’ve drawn objects or people or places that have personal meaning to you or ideas you’ve been subconsciously toying with? Drawing sketches can be like writing in a journal–the pages of your sketchbook are a reflection of your preoccupations…


All Media Art Competition Deadline Fast Approaching

Rossina’s Apple by William Rose, 2007, charcoal on museum board, 28 x 20. It would be so exciting to have an Artist Daily member submit and win in the All Media Art Competition. Following your creative urges isn’t all about the attention that it receives. But the momentum you can get from an audience, editors…


Bring Together the Outdoors and Indoors In Your Landscape Paintings

Distant Echo Nocturne by Alice Dalton Brown, 2009, oil painting on canvas, 52″x30″. Whether I’m landscape painting or painting interiors, I’m always drawn to the curious, in-between places where the outdoors and indoors meet. This could be an ivy-smothered barn that almost looks like it is disappearing into the landscape, or an ocean view from…